My Freelance Paralegal Major Lines of Business

Purchase and Sale Agreements

I offer a full line of document preparation services that are directed at your interests. These documents are crucial when negotiating the purchase or sale of a business. Prepare yourself for every possible scenario, your rights and responsibilities.

Wills, Probate and Estates

There are a host of issues associated with processing a will. I can help guide you through this legal quagmire. Creditors need to be notified and legal notices published. Executors of the Will need to be guided in how and when to distribute assets and how to take creditors' rights into account.

Landlord and Tenant

There are numerous issues that should be addressed between a lessor (landlord) and the lessee (tenant). Aside from the monthly rental fee, both parties should spell out terms such as fixtures vs. personal property, right to inspections, maintaining equipment and more.

TACOMA - Myfreelanceparalegal, a paralegal web site owned by Tiffany Darbyshire launched on June 18. The new site is built around a WordPress blog format that will allow Tiffany to easily change content, add news stories and freshen the site as often as needed. "I love the world-class look and the local tie-ins," said Tiffany. The new site was designed and programmed by Tactical Information Systems, a full service IT company with offices in Tacoma. TIS will also host the site and provide ongoing maintenance and support. "They offered content, design and programming for a reasonable fee," said Tiffany. "They worked closely with me throughout and have a genuine interest in my overall success."

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Please allow me to introduce myself. I have been a licensed  Paralegal for 12+ years and recently started my own business.   I have continuously demonstrated solid attorney support capabilities with a focus on completing a broad range of legal tasks within timelines ... Read More »